Wine compass

We prefer our wines natural or biodynamic. We personally know most of “our” winemakers and have chosen to work with them for their very specific and genuine approach, craft and artistry. Yes, we do indeed consider them to be artists. This is why our wines have a flair less ordinary.





Kovács Nimród (Eger)


“We are fortunate enough to own three of the top terroirs in the Eger wine region. We primarily planted Burgundy and Northern Rhone varieties, which feel very much at home in the Eger region. We cultivate our vineyards organically, respecting sustainability, while allowing our grapes to gently transform into unique wines.”



Weninger (Sopron)


Franz Reinhard Weninger grew up on his parents’ wine estate in central Burgenland. “A vivid wine that touches the soul comes from bringing
 together the forces of nature. Intervention is only practised to specify the direction. I try to enhance the natural processes in the vineyard and the wine cellar. Hand-picking, spontaneous fermentation and minimal addition of sulphur have been the standard for all our wines for the past ten years.”



Szent Tamás (Tokaj)


The Szent Tamás Vineyards and Winery is headed by István Szepsy Jr, cultivating vines in 11 vineyards, mostly in the village of Mád. “The structure and the size of the estate are designed to produce the highest-quality and unique terroir wines. Our team is made up of young local people. Perfectly ripe and healthy grapes are our aim, at whatever cost.”



Sauska (Villány and Tokaj)


Family-owned and operated, Sauska has vineyards in both Tokaj and Villány. They grow a blend of indigenous and international grape varieties, harness the power of gravity and use only ambient yeasts to craft their wines. “We run the game from sparkling to still; dry to sweet; white, red and rose. Our goal is to handcraft clean, balanced and expressive wines by selecting by hand each cluster to ensure only the highest-quality fruit enters the winery.”




Why is it special?

We feature a great range of Hungarian wines – the best, rare and fine – and keep a keen eye on the season’s yield so we can review our menu accordingly. We make an effort to support passionately dedicated boutique vineyards – their wines come in limited quantities, so we therefore tend to keep these gems for smaller events. While our palate is discriminating, we also make sure our wines are sourced from all the points of the compass – that is, all the diverse Hungarian wine-growing regions. Sip … savour … sensational!