The Kitcheners

Passion. One word to describe what the common link is that unites them into one team. This passionate group of young talents realised that they were somehow different. And one day they decided that they would like to show how different they were. They never say they are the best, they just do whatever they are good at.


Gábor Marosvölgyi

Director of Catering

Gábor may have grown up in a hotel environment (his father headed a hotel in Budapest), going on to work for various hotels and restaurants in Hungary and running Zátiší Catering Group’s Hungarian operation before he joined The Kitchen Caters, but his work experiences pose unexpected challenges all the same. Comes with the territory in catering: “Guests want to be in a place where no one has been before, and eat food no one has served before … Still, my real challenge is to organise our two children’s schedules,” he says.
When not on call, he likes football, a 30-year passion, playing tennis, squash, surfing and skiing. Helps him remain calm when everybody else is on edge. His secret wish? “Blumenthal cooking for me in my garden. Surprise me, Heston!”

Gábor Marosvölgyi - Director of Catering


Károly Pintér

Catering Chef

It all started in his parents’ restaurant. He just wouldn’t leave the kitchen! School out, every summer, Károly would hone his skills in various restaurants in the country, in Budapest, in Austria. Then The Kitchen Caters called, and it’s a different ball game (Károly is an avid handball player. “I have an insatiable desire to learn,” he says. When we eat out, my wife and I order about eight to ten courses between us so we can try as much of the menu as humanly possible. Food is core for me. When my son says, for example, ‘Look, Dad, there’s a deer,’ I think, yeap, ingredient.”

Károly Pintér - Catering Chef | The Kitchen Caters


Ferenc Tóth

Operations Manager

The middle man takes it all. Heat from the kitchen. The flak from flops. Hell from the unhappy. For Ferenc acts as the go-between, or rather run-between, amongst all the many players at an event. “It is me and my team who offer face-to-face contact with the guest,” he explains. “And every guest may have their own wish or requirement, which we have to be prepared for right there and then. Which is why we continue training staff and communicating with the guest. You learn a great deal from guests!”

Ferenc Tóth - Operations Manager