Our Recipe

This is a perfect event, where every last detail is in place. It is one of a kind and inimitable. What’s the secret recipe for The Kitchen Caters? 



Creativity and flexibility 

Take a spoonful of creativity and a pinch of flexibility, because changing conditions require yet another solution. Do not waste time; get to know your customer; think along with them since they know best what they need.

The Kitchen Caters' Recipe

Work & work

Work with the town’s best chefs and bakers, because they’ll decide what ends up on the plates in the end.


Carefully selected

Select the best suppliers, because the soul of the dish is in the best ingredients. Your main supplier remains Nature – seasonality is the basis of freshness.


State-of-the-art kitchen

Build a full and state-of-the-art kitchen on the premises so your meals are served with perfect quality at the right moment.


Never forget the wine

Never forget the wine – make authentic and informed choices, complete with rare bottles in accordance with the special events.


Design the ambience

Design the ambience and effect the way you would direct a play, from set decor to the choreography of service.

The Kitchen Caters -Budapest catering

See the whole project

Keep an eye on the whole process, from decoration to the dishes and drinks, from design to switching off the last light.


Feeling is everything

And lastly, it should feel like a beautiful, snug bespoke suit.


This is how we work at The Kitchen Caters. We have several recipes to prove that individuality is best served with creativity and professional commitment.