Akhil and Bisma


„…I cant thank you and your very illustrious team for the stellar service, attentiveness,adaptability and flexibility
which ensured that our wedding was every bit as beautiful as we had hoped…” 

Akhil and Bisma & our families

Tamás Pintér


“The service you provided for us was one of the highlights in our series of events to mark our 50th anniversary. Your team delivered exactly the kind of premium quality of execution that the brand represents.”

Tamás Pintér, Managing Director, Balaton-parti Kft

Mrs Dóra Farkas


„The success of this event was contributed by the excellent job of your enthusiastic team and I would like to say thank you for all of your support!… I was told by my client that this was the first congress, where the buffet lunch was perfectly managed.”

Mrs Dóra Farkas, Mauri DMC